Launch Workshop of Roma Online Visual Tool

On 27th of April 2018, we held the launch workshop for our online visual platform, the event was hosted at Matei Basarab College in Bucharest, where with our partners we presented the work that went into building this tool.

This web-platform is meant to be used as a didactic tool in the classroom, in high school and university level courses. The research project on which it is based, has investigated the ways in which the stereotypical, repetitive representations of the Roma help explain the current underprivileged situation of this community in Europe and in Romania in particular.

The project argues for a more balanced, and comprehensive understanding of a largely unknown history by using visual representations taken from the archives of the libraries, which are included in the Europeana collections. The web platform uses several categories and by this classification, helps bring forward the visual mechanisms that have helped consolidate the images of the “romantic”, “exotic”, “other”.

We would like to thank all the participants to the event.

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